Web Hosting

We can offer dedicated web-hosting through our partners in Norway or Canada.

Good hosting companies are hard to find these days...

What we mean by that, is that most of the web host's our there today are so big and commerce, that they do not have time to actually help clients if something happens to the servers or site. It seems like they forget you the moment everything is up and running, and are gone when problems occurs, like for instance during a dDos attack.. The big companies also seems to forget that everybody is not computer experts or server savvy.

There are many things to concider when ordering a server, but the most important is good customer service, and not just good sellers. We have found several good hosting companies with extremely dedicated, helpful and friendly people.

By ordering servers through us, we know for sure that your servers will handle our software.

Why order servers through us?

We have worked with our hosting partners for several years, and have developed special hosting packages that give maximum protection, speed and storage, at a lover price than what you have to pay for similar services through other hosting companies.

Our server packages includes:

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • The newest Linux based systems
  • High Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Traffic.
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Stable Service.