Various Licenses

With the MLM1 Software, you can select between various licensing solutions.

The basic software and addon modules all comes with a installation and annual license fee.

The annual license fee will ensure that you get all improvements and developments in the software updated by us. If you for instance fail to pay the annual licensing fee, the software will be disabled and stop working.

If you want to avoid paying annual licenses, you can select to pay a one-time installment. A one-time installment do not include any feature upgrades to the software, or any annual licensing fee. You simply purchase a one-time installation and setup of the current software.

Open code Version

It is possible to purchase a open code version of the software. Open code means that you have full access to parts of the sourcecode and can do in-hose development and tweaks to the software if that is required. More and more of our clients selects this, to gain access to their own developers. To get open code access you pay a one-time fee to us, and when we open the code for you, you can:

  • Make any changes to the software yourself.
  • Create your own applications.
  • Create new features.
  • Combine the software with 3rd party software.
  • Create your own designs and colorschemes.
  • Get better control.