Service Agreement

Get VIP Support 24-7 every day.

When a problem or question surfaces, it is important to get it solved and answered immediately.

By purchasing one of our monthly service agreement packages, you will be able to reach us 24-7 all week. This is a great way of knowing that your systems will be prioritized if something happens or you need help with something.

There is no doubt about it, this will give you insurance and security.

How does a Service Agreement work?

It gives you direct access to us, so we can hep you immediately. Please note that our service agreements do not handle any development or programming. Such work will be charged separately with our hour rate. This is how we can help you through a service plan.

  • Training of new admins.
  • Commission runs.
  • Rebuild Genealogy.
  • Moving of people in the genealogy if possible.
  • Make changes to the Pay Plans.
  • Taking backups of your systems.