Server Requirements

We will help you configure your server to meet the criterias.

Server configuration can be a cumbersome process. Not to worry though, we will make sure that your server are configured correctly for the software to work perfectly.

This is one of the reasons we recommend a server setup through one of our partners. There we know that you will get all the help and support needed to manage your systems seamlessly.

Once the systems is up and running, it is important that you inform your webhost NOT to do any upgrades to the server without checking with us if that upgrade can handle the software without creating errors.

Basic Requirements

For the software to function properly, there are some minimum requirements that must be in place. We will need full access to the cPanel & FTP on your server to set up all the required databases etc.

  • PHP 5 or above.
  • Apache/RedHat Server.
  • mySQL & PHP MyAdmin
  • C-panel.
  • Ioncube Loader & Zend Optimizer.
  • A domain name.