Payroll Systems

Pay your distributors hassle free.

The days of pay-check's are long gone. The same are troublesome bank transfers and costly wire transfers.

Now you can pay your distributors real-time and directly via our software. It's a win-win situation.... You save money, your distributors save money and gets paid faster.

Our PayRoll systems are hooked up with a E-Wallet solution. Once you press the button, the money are in the receivers E-wallet instantly. Many of our clients also attach a Debit Card solution, which makes the money instantly available for withdrawal at any ATM anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits in using our payroll system. First of all you and your distributirs save money, but the speed and security are probably the best parts. Now you can switch to a payout frequency of your own choice, instead of monthly snail-mailed paycheck's.

  • Real-Time Transfers.
  • Global Solution.
  • Easy To Manage.
  • Reducing Fee's.
  • Can Run On Autopilot.
  • Happy Distributors.