E-wallet Solutions

A product creating value for your company.

There are many E-wallet solutions available out there to choose from. We believe we can provide the most sophisticated solutions available.

It's a virtual account, you access from your computer or mobile phone. You can send money instantly, anywhere in the world without expensive transfer fees. More and more companies have started using this solution, which opens for some interesting solutions.

The wallets are often connected to a Debit Card, enabling you 24-7 access to your funds, from any ATM or POS, anywhere in the world.

How can i benefit from a E-Wallet solution?

Simply said, in every way you can imagine. But probably most important, the simplicity and the real-time experience. By adding a E-Wallet to your solution, you can stop worrying about delays in payments, payment problems or missing payments. Here are some of the key features:

  • Secure Solution.
  • Low Fees.
  • 24-7 Access.
  • Debit Card Solution Available.
  • Transfer Funds To Other Wallets.
  • Send Money Anywhere In The World.