Cards & Payments

One of the biggest hurdles can be getting a payment solution.

After several years of developing software for clients, we have noticed a similarity in problems. Many struggle to get a fully functional payment solution up and running. We have seen the need of assistance, and we have several solutions to recommend. Through a easy screening process, you can be up and running in a flash.

Global Solutions

The payment solutions we recommend are all global solutions. This means you can start o accept payments from all over the world

A secure solution with Verified by VISA and 3D Secure implemented in the gateways to avoid fraud and unwanted chargebacks. Fraud & Chargeback's can often be a killer of any business.

High Risk Business

MLM & Direct Selling are often placed in the High Risk segment when it comes to Credit Card processing.

This is frustrating and expensive for a start-up businesses, and often result in a high hold-back and high fees. The solutions we recommend, all specialize on providing solutions for the MLM industry.

Multi Currency Solutions

When operating a business on the internet, multi currency is often important.

The solutions we recommend all offer multi currency solutions which can increase your sales.

In short we can provide:

  • CC Processing.
  • Ewallet solutions.
  • Payroll systems.
  • Low startup cost.
  • Easy integration process.
  • Fast screening.