Add-on Modules

Maximize the software with add-on modules.

To maximize the power of our software you can install various modules. Each module can be purchased separately and tweaked to your need. Customization of the modules are also possible.

You can run all modules on a basic install, and combine several pay-plans. When you purchase the basic software, one pay-plan is included in the package.

By providing a module based software, we know your systems will go at full speed, and not stuffed with non-useful functions, that in turn consumes your servers speed and power, making your systems slow.

This is one of the benefits with the MLM1 Software.

Currently available add-on modules

Below is a list of our currently available modules. If you need something special we can also create custom modules for you.

  • Unilevel Module.
  • Binary Module.
  • Matrix Module
  • Board Module
  • Matching Bonus Module.
  • Invoices Module
  • Unit Market Module
  • HYIP Module
  • SMS Blast Module
  • KYC Upload Module
  • Web-Shop Module
  • PDF Creator Module